What is the recommended age for a children's party?

Our parties are suited to children ages 4 upwards. Younger children may find the Chocolate Pizza making more suitable. Each package on our website has a recommended age.
Please visit our party packages page.

What do we need to provide?

All we require is a table setting of space per person and a small area for the chocolatier to work from that is visible to the guests.


We may require the use of a microwave and a small space in a fridge/freezer, a standard drawer or shelf is enough (we can place moulds on top of things).


We may require access to a fridge or freezer. A microwave can be provided by the chocolatier.


Just yourselves.

Is it messy?

The parties are surprisingly not messy. But feel free to wear aprons to get everyone in the mood, however this is not essential. Table clothes are not essential either, depending on the work surface. Any chocolate spillages set very quickly and can be easy scraped off easily or wiped away effortlessly with a hot cloth. 

Is there a maximum number?


Maximum number 20 per session. We think 10-15 children is a nice number but we can fit 20 max.


The maximum number is subject to the space available. We can provide more chocolatiers according to numbers.

How do I book?

How do I pay?

Payment is made in 2 parts either by BACS or PayPal details of which will be on your confirmation email.

We can also accept cheques by post made payable to Oliver Dunn. If you wish to pay by cash please ask for details.

We take a deposit of £5 per person for children's parties and £10 per person for adults parties to secure your booking. The remaining balance is due 7 days prior to the party date once final numbers are confirmed.

What does the chocolate contain?

Our chocolate is high quality Belgian chocolate made with the best cocoa beans from Ghana and is completely nut free and gluten free. There are no artificial fats, no animal fats or wheat and all our chocolate is kosher, halal and vegetarian.

We are able to provide vegan chocolate, made by Simon Dunn Chocolatier, for anyone who can't consume dairy. In addition to this, our dark chocolate is dairy free and this can also be used as an alternative for any lactose intolerant guests. Those making truffles, soya/coconut milk can be used as an alternative to cream.

Please notify us if any guests have allergies. The sweets for the chocolate pizzas and toppings build-a-bar parties may contain allergens. Halal sweets are available on request for bookings made in advance.

Do you provide  party bags?

YES! All our parties come with party bags for the guests to put their creations in!

If you wish to add some more treats to the bags then feel free to bring them along!

Do you do food?


None of our packages include food just the yummy chocolate your guests have made! However, if you are a hosting a party at The Chocolate Room you may bring your own party food.
Please see The Chocolate Room for more information.

Do you have a venue near us?

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