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Bobby Mc Choc


Meet Bobby McChoc aka Bobby Wonka, Bobby McSlime.. worked with kids for 10 years or just never grew up, he’s your go to guy for fancy dress, energy and chocolatey fun. In his spare time enjoys running the local park runs which compliments his other hobby of dining in style, when he’s not doing chocolate parties you’ll find him swanning around America as much as possible

”What a great company to work for! Always fun and always got a spring in their step. I wish this could be my full time job!!”

“Rob was on time, well prepared, organised and professional, and able to control twelve very excitable 11 and 12 year old girls, which was a feat in itself!
The girls loved the build a bar party, which was a great success, and we would have no hesitation in using Oliver’s Chocolate Parties again in the future, and Rob specifically”.

Sally The Choc

Meet Sally, and a party princess! She LOVE’S to dance, dancing is her THING. Turns out, this goes well with chocolate creating as you’ll find out if you have her as your Chocolatier. Socialising is her favourite thing and she claims glitter solves all problems!

“I adore working with adults and children alike, and every party or event is made amazing by the people who are enjoying it, with each party being personalised to YOU. Entertaining is in my veins.Cant wait to meet you to get creative!”