Oliver's Chocolate Parties

About Us

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Meet Oliver, 

Chocolatier and Founder of Oliver's Chocolate Parties. 

Oliver's Chocolate Parties was established in 2007, a product of working in the family chocolate business Simon Dunn Chocolatier. Having watched his parents make hand-made chocolates from home in 'The Chocolate Room' as a child. His passion for chocolate grew and when he left education he was drawn to the family business. He soon realised that the magic of chocolate needed to be experienced by everyone.

In 2007 Oliver started his chocolate party business as a one man band and now has now taken a back seat from hosting chocolate parties and is focusing his time to recruit new chocolatiers to keep up with popular demand. His fully trained team now host the chocolate parties and are enchanting children and adults alike with hands on chocolate making parties.

"The magical thing about chocolate is that no matter how old or young you are, even just a mention of the word will bring a smile to your face."  -Oliver Dunn.